Cairns is spelt incorrectly as Cans, Canns, Cannes, Carnes, Kairns, Kans, Ciarns or Karnes
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Cairns Crocodile Attack Show
Koala Feeding
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Australian Snakes Show
Saltwater Crocodiles
Wildlife Park Cairns
Cairns Crocodile Show and Cruise Hartleys Creek Crocodile Farm
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Today you can sleep in or take a look around Cairns before our courtesy coach picks you up at your Cairns accommodation around mid day to transport you out to the Hartley's Creek Crocodile Farm and Wildlife park for your afternoon of adventure and education on some of our more interesting wildlife.

After a short scenic drive along the oceanfront highway north of Cairns you will arrive at Hartleys Creek for a series of activities.

Cairns Crocodile - 2.00pm Snake Show
Take a close look at some of our venomous and non venomous Australian snakes as an expert snake handler shows you these reptiles up close (but not too close) Australia is home to the top three most venomous land snakes in the world and at this show you will meet some of them. You will be amazed at the ease the resident snake handler pulls them out of their bags and using your zoom lense you should be able to get some great shots.

Cairns Crocodile - 2.30pm Wetlands Wildlife Cruise
Take the Wetlands Wildlife cruise among beautiful water lillies which float above hiding crocodiles. You should see some of our native birds while taking in the scenery and meet up with a saltwater crocodile or two that your guide may try to tempt with a meaty snack or three to get them to jump clear of the water. See this deadly native apex predator in it's natural habitat and see how quickly it moves and how easily it can disappear from sight.

Cairns Crocodile - 3.00pm Crocodile Attack Show
This is where you get to see the Saltwater Crocodile in action. Listen to the power of the croc's jaws snapping shut! You will be concerned for the safety of the handler as the large crocs are tempted to grab some meat on the end of a rope, gasp at how close the handler gets to this huge reptile and it's mouthful of teeth. Be amazed as the handler gets the crocodile to perform a death roll for you as you learn about this ancient and fearsome reptile that has changed little over millions of years. This is a show not to be missed.

Cairns Crocodile - 4.15pm Cassowary Feeding
A native of the Queensland rainforest only this huge endangered flightless bird has a nasty reputation. The Cassowary looks a little like an Emu but is not as friendly. Numerous stories about how they have attacked humans using their huge middle toenail exist. In the wild they are to be avoided but here you can check them out from the safety of the outside of their pen.

Cairns Crocodile - 4.30pm Koala Feeding
Get up close and personal with one of more famous and loveable native animals, the Australian Koala. Eating only the leaves of the Eucalyptus Tree our Koalas are adored world wide. This is your chance to look one right in the eye and perhaps stroke it's head. Everyone loves a Koala but how much can a Koala Bear?

Cairns Crocodile - 4.50pm Transfer back to Cairns
After an afternoon of meeting our native wildlife both dangerous and loveable our coach transports you back to your Cairns accommodation.

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Cost per adult $96.00
Cost per child (4 - 14 years) $52.00
Cost per family (2 adults 2 children) $275.00
100% fee on cancellation
No date changes once booked
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