Customer Qoutes

I just can say you're doing a great job. Other companies don't e-mail back or don't give me the information I want.
You're always there for me. You give me helpful informations. You give me other options.
Tobi Dura
Basel Switzerland

It's like you are here with us the whole family is calling you the Guru of Oz
Sarah Burke:

We could not have done as much without your help.
Nicky Folwell:
United Kingdom

Thanks for all your help, advice and information it really was a huge help to us.
Graham Edmeades
United Kingdom

We have already recommended that other travellers to Australia contact you since you were so helpful to us.  I will definitely continue to recommend Oz Magic to other travellers. 

Thanks for helping us plan a spectacular vacation
Meliissa Harris
United Kingdom

Extremely helpful,Gary is a fountain of knowledge.
Gordon & Saron Huxford
South Africa+England

We had a great time on our honeymoon, due largely in part to Gary's advice. He knows what he is talking about.
Bill & Colleen Metz
Colorado, USA
(Now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl "Mariss"
Congrats guys)

Just wanted to let you know that i had a fantastic trip on the 4 day blitz wonderful guide, great group of people.. the outback is always such a highlight for me!! thank you so much for all of your help!
Jessica Linneman USA

Gary is unbelievably helpful, and gets much better deals on any of these trips than anywhere else I have seen.
Frazer Lang UK

Thanks for helping us plan a spectacular vacation.
Mellissa Harris UK

All in all, we had a damn good time and can't wait to come back. Thanks for your help.
Duncan Kirby UK

Thanks again for your help.....we hope to be back and will use your service again.
Geoff Sharman UK

Hello Gary!!
Thanks for your help we just loved the trip and everything was perfect. Be sure I'll recommend your services to my friends.
Vitoria Brazil
Juliana and her partner went on the Ambition Whitsunday Island cruise.

thanks very much for your immediate response
Im very happy with your service. Im already down in Brisbane again, but
when I am in Australia next time, I surely will book with u again, thanks a lot
Kind Regards, Regi
Regula Wegmann

Hi Gary,

I'm really sorry we had to cancel our trip, we all thought it sounded great, but unless you could have offered Mel Gibson to share with our single friend I don't think she would have gone for it.  Thank you for the offer of arranging her sole occupancy of a single cabin and also thank you for your very efficient and friendly assistance.  We are all looking forward to our first trip to Australia (it is the first trip for most of us) and if you're the example of what we can expect we'll have a great time.

Many thanks once again.


PS   We will certainly get in touch with you if we need anything else.

Dorene Spies
Nebraska U.S.A.
Thank you so much for all your help. We are all so excited and really appreciate all the extras that you provided us with your guidance. I am not sure if Cairns is ready for a bunch of wild Nebraskans!!
Thanks Again

Thank you so much for your hard work!  I'm sure this whole situation has left you very stressed...I feel lucky to have gotten on a boat and wouldn't have if it wouldn't have been for you!  You're the best!  Got the tax receipt, so we're all set.  Thanks again for making our vacation a great one!
Chris Ann Bartol
San Francisco
Note: The boat Chris Ann was booked on cancelled the trip only 3 days prior to departure, most other boats were fully booked but Oz Magic managed to find a boat for Chris Ann. Luckily Chris Ann looked at her email as we did not have a cellphone number for her.

Louise Creed UK
I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help with our booking, we really had the most amazing 3 days.  The boat was brilliant and the  crew were fantastic and really looked after us.

We will definitely be recommending Oz Magic Tours and Pacific Sunrise
and hope to be back again soon.

Best Wishes
Louise & Simon

From the State Library of Queensland

Just thought you'd like to know, your web page http://www.ozmagic.
has been added to Qld Web, the State Library of Queensland's index
to Queensland web sites.

We have
selected your page because it meets
our criteria for useful information relevant to Queensland.

Now people
who go to the Qld Web home page at
can find your page by looking up a subject or by using a search

Welcome to Qld Web!
Christina Ealing-Godbold
Senior Librarian,Queensland Web Digital Services
State Library of Queensland

P.O.Box 3488,
South Brisbane,Qld 4101
Phone  +61 7 3840 7260
Fax    +61 7 38462421

fabulous site, raising the standards in tourism.
Dick Hall
Town Net
Tourism Search Engine
Brisbane Australia

Dear Gary,
The State Library of Queensland has entered into a partnership with the National Library of Australia in order to build and preserve a comprehensive collection of online/electronic publications ... the Pandora Archive.

The State Library of Queenslands Brief is to enhance the Queensland presence.  Approximately 3,000 titles/websites have been archived to date.

The Pandora Archive offers an excellent opportunity to view your site as it changes over the years.  Sufficient storage space is a problem and sites have been selected that reflect Queensland issues and society.

We would like to include
in the Pandora Archive.  Information about Pandora can also be found on the libraries servers.

Christina Ealing-Godbold
Senior Librarian
QueenslandWeb and Pandora
Digital Services

Dear Gary,
I am back from Fraser Island !

Just dropping a note to say thank you for the arrangements !

Thank you for linking us up with Ozi Roving - we were happy with the great service provided by them !

Thumbs up too for the accommodation at the Jade Waters !

Thank you !
Lay Eng

Anaconda III
Hello Gary,
Just to let you know we have returned from our Aus holiday and the Anaconda trip was fabulous. It met all expectations and we were impressed with the casual but professional crew and their responsible approach to safety.Food was great too.

Thanks for your assistance.
Raewyn Jenkins and family

Anaconda III
To Matt,Shane, Michael Sharon and Annice,crew 15-18
March. Many thanks for all your help to us on the trip.
We wondered how a boat trip would be with Alasdair (our
handicapped son) but you made it really worth while.
Good luck to you all in

Lynn Longworth UK
Hi Gary,  We saw it all!!!!!! Absolutely wonderful. Breaching, tail lobbing, pec slapping. I have wonderful film footage and hopefully photos. I must admit I didn't look for you at the harbour as I was still out with the whales. I do apologise if you were there. I wanted to book a third trip on Wednesday but the weather was bad and Gary is motion sick so not a good idea. I was gutted but we hired bikes and rode to the end of the cycle path and I have film of three ospreys sitting on a branch not 15feet from me.

Thank you so much for making me change my plans, I have memories to last forever. Kind regards Lynn

Hi Gary, all I can say is that I am impressed, I do not know you and most likely never will but your responses, advice, follow-up, etc., etc. have been excellent and so far superior to everything I've seen.
George Stroe

Thank you for your assistance, vast knowledge of the area has helped us out tremendously.
Glenn McRae

Hi Gary
let me just take this opportunity to thank you once more for our last minute booking on the Atlantic Clipper last weekend. Not just amazing how quick and easy all problems could be solved, also we had a great weekend on the Clipper. It's a great crew on board, the dive- and snorkel spots were just breathtaking and so were the partys on board every night. For people who look forward to have a great time and don't need a luxury cruise it's absolutely recommendable.
Cheers & kind regards
Marco Hoffmann

Hi Gary
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say my friend and I had a super time on the trip. The tour guide we had, Dave (sorry I can't recall his surname), was excellent.

If I am booking a tour in the future will have a look first at Oz Magic.

Thanks again,
David Carse
Note: David and his friend went on the Cool Dingo tour for Fraser Island
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Some of the recent emails our customers have sent us.
Oz Magic Note:  We ask our customers to tell us of both good and bad experiences.  We are unable to publish and name operators that our customers have had bad experiences with.  We do however retain the information and do not present them as a choice to you.  This is not to say that any operators not appearing on the Oz Magic site are bad operators.  We have found that bad experiences are usually a result of the customer making their own arrangements.
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Tobi Dura Switzerland
Hi Gary

The 5 Day Kakadu tour was great. Litchfield was great. The pools there are great and the permitted walk on top of the (I can`t remember the name) waterfall was amazing.

We had bad weather in Katherine. it was only 23 deg. (lowest record
ever! - they should come to Switzerland) so it was clouded but we
still had a good time there.

Kakadu was also great. We were most of our three days in the southern
part with the waterfalls and the gorges. The billabong cruise on the
last day was amazing. We saw Crocs, birds, ducks and buffalos.

The guide was cool. His knowledge wasn`t very well (he came to NT 3
months ago), but it was ok. He was more one of us than our guide -

The group was great. We`ve had all about the same ages and interests
and we had a good time, really good. We`re gonna meet them (most of
them) again in Alice.

The drive down from Darwin to Alice is breathtaking (for me for sure).
there is just nothing but the road - I love that. We had a overnight
in Daly waters which is great. They are very friendly there and they
have good food.

The Devil Marbles are also great. We were the only persons there.

We have confirmed our Ayers Rock tour yesterday and looking forward to this trip.

e-mail you from Darwin about it.

very best regards

Frazer Lang United Kingdom
(posted on UK Divers forum)
I was out on the GBR in March and originaly went out on a liveaboard as a snorkler for a couple of days, but ended up doing a try dive, then 7 more including a night dive. So although not very advanced (just doing my OW) I may be a bit of help.

We stayed on "Reef Encounter" which was pretty massive, about 22 double rooms i think, but was without a doubt the highlight of our trip. The instructors/DM's were superb, the food was outstanding and the accomodation pretty amazing. The diving was also excellent both for me as a starter and according to the much more advanced divers who I met on there.

Contact a website called ozmagic, on wether you like the sound of the above or not. The guy that runs it called Gary is unbelievably helpful, and gets much better deals on any of these trips than anywhere else I have seen. Mention my name to him, Frazer and see if you get a reaction hee hee.

Anyway, hope this is some help, but I do reccommend contacting Gary for any advice for your trip,
Nicola Folwell United Kingdom

Hi Gary,
Were back in the cold old UK now just a little note to say thanks ever so much for all the help info you gave us for our trip everything you booked sorted out went very well and we had a great time.

Also with Fraser Island it would probably be a good idea just to warn people before about the driving time restrictions as although we worked round them it was a bit of a shock that we could only drive between 04-08 and then 14-1800 as we had already made plans about what we were going to do and it put a spanner in the works somewhat.
(Oz Magic note:  Re: Self Drive Tours.  Driving on the East Coast Beach on Fraser Island is restricted to the low tide.

Hope all is well - if we return at any time I'll be sure to contact you.
kind regards
Nicky x x
Graham Edmeades United Kingdom

Hi Gary
We only got back to the UK last Thursday. we arrived to snow and Sub-zero temperatures. A bit different to the 39C w had been used to in Broome, the last leg of our tour! Things have warmed up a bit now +8C but still feeling the cold.

Ambition was excellent. Christmas day on Whitehaven Beach. You can't beat that. The only thing that was a shame were the stingers and the fact that the water looked so beautiful and clear. Never mind, you can't have it all.

Kakadu was brilliant as well. Absolutely stunning scenery. Especially from Ubirr Rock. Didn't rain until the last afternoon, which was probably just as well, because when it rains, it rains. It was pretty spectacular. Never seen anything like it and I have been to quite a few places in the tropics.

Thanks for all your help, advice and information it really was a huge help to us.

Sorry we didn't manage to hook up. Bad preparation on my behalf. Managed to forget most, if not all of the information you had sent me by e-mail. 


Mellissa Harris United Kingdom

Hi Gary,

We absolutely loved our cruise on the Ambition.  The crew was fabulous especially the skipper, the dive instructor was a terrific teacher and very patient, and the Whitsunday's were beautiful. 

The sleeping arrangement on the boat was great, comfy bed and a hatch so we could see the stars at night.  Of course, there was not a lot of room, but that is to be expected, I think. There were only five passengers on our boat so it was very comfortable. 

I'm glad people say only good things about the Ambition because we fell in love with that boat.

The Airlie Beach Hotel was fine and much quieter than the backpacker's hostels.

We stayed at a really wonderful place in Mission Beach called Sanctuary.  The price was extremely reasonable, the spirit of the main lodge was relaxed and soothing, their food was delicious and beautifully presented and the grounds were lovely.  I would recommend this place to anyone who loves nature and is looking to spend some time in the rainforest.

We had a less than stellar experience with (Name withheld information retained by Oz Magic) out of Cairns.  We booked a 5 day safari/rainforest experience with them and tried to leave after 3 days.  We had been booked on a tour with them scheduled to leave on January 8th but they bumped us to January 10th at the last minute. 

We regretted that we had done that booking on our own.

We have already recommended that other travelers to Australia contact you since you were so helpful to us.  I will definitely continue to recommend Oz Magic to other travellers. 

Thanks for helping us plan a spectacular vacation,
Duncan Kirby United Kingdom

Gary, Hi.

Unfortunately, I have returned to the office desk!!

Just a little feedback for you. The trip went very smoothly and, apart from Adventure Tours, who cocked up, everyone expected us and had the accommodation/trip organised. AT had us down for the 27th June and I am quite certain this was their mistake and not yours. However, they were very good at handling the problem and we had a refund as well as a few bolt ons at their expense so the overall trip was not ruined.
(Oz Magic Note: As soon as Duncan contacted us about this problem Oz Magic contacted Adventure Tours who had already rectified the situation to Duncans satisfaction)

A couple of observations which might be of some use to you; Fitzroy Island Diving seemed to get a few adverse comments from the Taka Dive instructors for not being fully au fait with the PADI rules. However, we found our instructor to be very patient and helpful so no real complaints from the consumers point of view. The facilities on Fitzroy are pretty basic but the overall cost was good value- certainly compared with UK prices.

TAKA were very good and we all upgraded our skills to Advanced Open Water level whilst with them. I think that in overall terms, you get more out of this trip if you do have some diving experience which you may consider passing on to future customers.

All in all, we had a damn good time and can't wait to come back. Thanks for your help and I am happy for any comments to be put on your web site.
Geoff Sharman United Kingdom
Hi Gary

We've been home for 3 days and back to work.

The whole trip was really enjoyable, and we would like to thank you for your suggestions, and for organising a large part of the itinerary.

The highlights were the Pacific Star cruise and the Bus trip to Ayers Rock, etc.

On the Pacific Star, the crew and dive instructors were superb. The friendly atmosphere kept us all happy. There were only 12 passengers, which was comfortable, and it would have been a bit crowded with a full complement of 21!!!

The Wayward Bus trip was mainly backpackers under 30, but they didn't seem to mind having a couple of oldies. The driver/guide was very knowledgable and the walks were fantastic (this was our main reason for choosing this trip, rather than one of the hotel based ones which all seem to be "whistle stop"). A few nights under canvas (for the first time in about 25 years) was good fun.

The other trips were good and there was nothing which did not provide value for money. The Kuranda "Big 3 was, perhaps, a bit too much to squeeze into one day.

The only thing I would do differently would be to split up the drives into smaller sections with a couple of overnight stops. Hervey Bay/Airlie Beach and Airlie Beach/Cairns were both tiring days.
(Oz Magic note:  Many clients not aware of the distances involved will attempt to drive long distances within Australia in order to maximise their time here.  Oz Magic offers free advice to help with itineray planning to people using this service.  Oz Magic will give you travel distances for you and always advises a good nights sleep before attempting a long drive.  Our advice is to never move on directly after returning from a tour, have a shower relax and get a fresh start early in the morning of the following day.  Night driving is not recommended as many animals and many large semi trailers are on the road of a night time..
Thanks again for your help.....we hope to be back and will use your service again.

Geoff Sharman
Anne & Ken Norwood United Kingdom
Dear Gary,
                Well, reality shock has set back in, but I wanted to write to thank you for helping us put together a completely fantastic trip.  Your advice and help with the bookings made it as close to a "no-brainer" as possible.  We were so glad to have made the lodging and activity reservations ahead as several things were fully booked.

For some feedback:
Tuna Towers was perfect.  They had one of the best little restaurants that we came across, which was nice after long exhausting days.  Also, there is a wonderful park right across the street so for families travelling with smaller kids it would be great.

Red Mill House was completely charming, and Chris Dahlberg converted us into enthusiastic birders, even at 6:00 AM.  It was very nice to have 2 nights up there.  We had dinner one night at the Daintree Eco Lodge and were not impressed - very expensive for the quality.  We had a better meal at the town pub/store.

Chillagoe was very interesting - gorgeous caves and a taste of the outback.  We were glad to have the 4 wheel drive as the unsealed roads were fun rather than a worry.

Undara was well worth the drive - really fun to stay inthe train cars, and a great restaurant.  "Sunset tour " highly recommended.  The 1/2 day tour was plenty, 2 hours would have been sufficient.

Reef Encounter was very good - they gave the boys a free upgrade to stateroom as they had room.   We wished we had had 2 nights instead of just one.

Full day on Tully with Raging Thunder was heart-stopping, exhausting, and incredible.  Very good guide.  We were glad we weren't in kayaks.
Oz Magic Note: (Anne & Ken originally wanted to do Tully in Kayaks I advised them I didn't think it would be suitable for their enjoyment based on the information they had given me on themselves).

We were glad to set the trip up so that we got out of Cairns and had 2 night stays at most places.  It was nice not to spend hours every day getting back and forth to what we were doing, instead we were already there.

Anyway, hope this helps with future clients.  Good luck, and we hope to be able to visit again in the future.
Anne and Ken Norwood

Thanks Gary for all you did to help us organise a fantastic trip to the NT. It was absolutely brilliant and Wilderness Tour was amazing. The tour guide (ask for Steve) was brilliant and definitely value for money! The Lodge was nice, and the staff really friendly - it was a shame we never got to taste the free pancakes in the morning though!

Keep up the good work for all your customers!

All the best,
David and Ruth Roberts (England)
(17th Aug 5TE Wilderness Tour)

Ciao Gary,

just back from Downunder - we had a great great time, everything was schedule-wise and we had no problem whatsoever.

I'm writing to thank you for your assistance and give you some feedback that might come in handy for the future.

We re-confirmed all tours, not a single problem
Koala backpacker @ Cairns is excellent value for your money: clean, spacious rooms w/kitchen + bathroom, great location.

Reef Encounter cruise was absolutely perfect.

Fraser Roving @ Hervey Bay is also very good, clean rooms + friendly staff, possibly a bit more downmarked-oriented (absolutely acceptable, though, and reasonable prices).

Whalesong cruises (yes, we took both of them!) were great, and the same applies to Fraser Island tour.

It was a great trip, and we'd like to thank you once more for the support you provided.

You might hear from me (or from some friends who'd like to come to Australia...) again, even earlier than expected,

Antonello Bacci
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