Coral Sea Osprey Reef Cod Hole Dive Trip
7 Day 7 Night Spirit of Freedom Luxury Liveaboard
Cruise to Lizard Island Osprey Reef, Cod Hole and the Ribbon Reefs in the Coral Sea Northern Great Barrier Reef
Private Double Cabins and Non Private Single bunks
Coral Sea Dive Trip
Coral Sea Liveaboard
Coral Sea Dive Trip
Dive the World Famous Osprey Reef & The Cod Hole
Spirit of Freedom
37 Metre Luxury Motor Cruiser
Departing on Mondays at noon the Spirit of Freedom offers deluxe live-aboard dive trips to the Coral Sea, Cod Hole and the Ribbon Reefs in the Northern Region of the Great Barrier Reef. This trip departs every Monday from Cairns and cruises 240 kilometres along the pristine and rarely visited Ribbon Reefs to the Cod Hole. Diving on the Ribbon Reefs you will experience huge schools of colourful fish, an amazing variety of vibrant healthy corals, giant friendly Maori Wrasse, Giant Clams, anenomes and massive schools of pelagic fish as well as a friendly family of Giant Potato Cod.

On this 7 day liveaboard you will also spend 2 days at the world famous Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea which is an old volcanic atoll located 220 kilometres off the coast of Queensland Australia. Osprey Reef is known for it's amazing walls to 1000 metres as well as resident reef sharks and exceptional water visibility. On the Spirit of Freedom Shark attract dive you will witness grey shark, white tip reef sharks and occassional oceanic sharks all coming together at the shark attract dive. This trip also includes and overnight stay at Watson's Bay and a couple of hours ashore at Lizard Island. The trip returns to Cairns 7 days later on Monday morning.

The Boat
Spirit of Freedom offers stylish comfort, one of the largest luxury dive vessels in Australia Spirit of Freedom is modern, sleek and spacious. Built for comfortable dive trips to the far north Great Barrier Reef and remote Coral Sea reefs, the vessel features electronic stabilizers, wide screen TV and DVD, large comfortable lounge areas, sun decks and luxury accommodation which is a cut above most other vessels. You will feel you are on your own luxury motor yacht whilst enjoying fresh gourmet meals prepared by an onboard chef and a very high level of service.

Departs Cairns 12.00 noon Monday
Returns Cairns 7.30am Monday
Duration 7 Days & 7 Nights
Age Group Open
Cabins Stateroom - Double/Twin & Quad share
Scuba Diving Up to 26 Dives

Cabin Type & Cost click links for photo and description
Ocean view double deluxe cabin
$5220.00 per person (based on two people)
Ocean view double standard cabin
$4770.00 per person (based on two people)
Stateroom double
$4770.00 per person (based on two people)
Standard Double or twin share cabin
$4145.00 per person (based on two people)
Quad share cabin
$3520.00 per person
Prices valid until 30th June 2017 ask about our discounts

Full Scuba Gear Hire: $245.00
Includes wetsuit, dive computer & torch
Padi Advanced Course: $265.00
Nitrox fills package (all dives): $180.00
Padi Nitrox Course includes all subsequent dives on nitrox: $295.00
Non diving passengers are given $200.00 off the trip price

On Board Fees included in above pricing
Local fees $20.00 per person
Fuel levy $70.00 per person

Transfers to and from Cairns City accommodation
Meals prepared by onboard Chef with Australian wines and soft
Drinks with evening meals
Cabins serviced daily

The luggage limit per person is 20 kilograms or 45 pounds per person and bags must be soft sided. Excess baggage can be stored at the Spirit of Freedom office in Cairns

A 20% deposit is required to secure your booking. Full payment of the balance amount must be received at least 30 days prior to travel

Monday - You will be picked up from your Cairns accommodation and transferred to the Spirit of Freedom vessel around 11.00am at Trintity Wharf Cairns. Boarding the vessel you will be greeted by the crew and be given a vessle orientation before the vessel departs at mid day. Lunch is served while you cruise to the Outer Great Barrier Reef for an afternoon check out dive and a twilight or night dive. After dinner Spirit of Freedom will cruise to the Ribbon Reefs.

Tuesday and Wednesday - We spend two days diving at the most northern of the Ribbon Reefs, number 9 and 10 Ribbon Reefs. Sites may vary in accordance with weather conditions but will always include at least one dive at the Cod Hole. At the Cod Hole you will meet a very friendly family of giant Potato Cod. Other dive locations might include, the Wonder Wall, Pixie Pinnacle, Challenger Bay, Two Towers, Snake Pit and Lighthouse Bommie. If the current is working with us you might also do a drift dive at Dynamite Pass, a well known channel that sharks pass through. 4 to 5 dives will be available each day, including a night dive on Tuesday. On Wednesday evening Spirit of Freedom will overnight at Watson's Bay Lizard Island and enjoy a sunset BBQ dinner on the top deck.

Thursday - After breakfast you have the chance to go ashore on Lizard Island. This is the half way point in the trip so you can stretch your legs on land and take the guided walk from Watson's Beach to Mary Watson's Cottage hiking over Chinaman's Ridge then back to Watson's Beach. At 11.00am Spirit of Freedom will cruise back to Ribbon Reef 10 for two dives at a choice of dive locations. If the tide allows we might repeat a dive at the Cod Hole or visit new sites. Spirit of Freedom departs this evening for the 10 hour cruise to Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea.

Friday and Saturday - Weather permitting Spirit of Freedom will spend two days at Osprey Reef. This location is known for crystal clear visibility ranging from 30 metres to 100 metres. The underwater landscape is incredible with huge gorgonians and sheer walls, bright yellow soft corals, sea whips and walls rising up from the ocean floor thousands of feet below. The North Horn is the location of the shark attract dive where you will experience a guided close encounter with the resident shark population. 4 to 5 dives will be available each day, including a night dive on Friday. On Saturday night Spirit of Freedom with depart Osprey Reef to cruise back to the Ribbon Reefs.

Sunday - Wake up to Ribbon Reefs number 3 and sensational diving at Steve's Bommie, The Temple of Doom and Flare Point. A second option for the day in special weather conditions is to head south from Osprey Reef to Bouganville Reef which is know for it's impressive underwater caverns and a partially submerged shipwreck. On Sunday evening the Spirit of Freedom will cruise back to Cairns overnight.

Monday - Spirit of Freedom arrives back in Cairns at 6.30am. There is a light breakfast and time for a group photo before the courtesy bus drops you back to your Cairns accommodation venue at 8.00am.

Snorkellers Notes - The Ribbon Reefs are relatively close to the surface and with little current there is excellent snorkelling at most locations however, at times deeper reef tops and currents of the Coral Sea make the Coral Sea reefs on suitable for very experienced snorkellers and strong swimmers and you might not be able to snorkel at every site. Please note that while you will be safe under the watchful eye of the look out crew, a snorkel buddy might not always be available.

Please Note - This itinerary is a sample only and dive sites might vary or the sequence might change. Acess to the Cod Hole and the Coral Sea is tide and weather conditional. All information on this web page is correct at the time of publication.
Osprey Reef Shark Attract
Scuba Diving Coral Sea
Osprey Reef Liveaboard
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