Eureka II Whitsunday Island Sailing
Oz Magic the Web-Site
Specialising in Advertising and Promoting Quality Tourism in Northern Australia
P.O. Box 5696, Torquay, Queensland, Australia 4655

Oz Magic is an advertising  service for Australian Adventure tour operators who are shown on this site because they travel to some of the most popular Australian adventure destinations and provide a quality service.

Your details are passed on to the business you wish to deal with who will confirm your arrangements and/or provide us with information you require to adequately answer your questions.

Many of these tour operators are award winning operators recognised for the quality of service they provide within the market they have chosen.

In addition this web site provides some pictorial sections with information unrelated to tourism but helpful to visitors giving an insight into some of the creatures that live here in Australia.  This will give you the knowledge and commonsense information so that you are aware of some of our native animals and how to avoid putting yourself in harms way.

Currently all sections of the site are in operation, You Tube Videos, hundreds of photos of Whale Watching, Dolphin Watching, Tours, Dingoes, Saltwater Crocodiles, The Whitsunday Islands, The Great Barrier Reef north and south, The Northern Territory, Kakadu, The Kimberleys, Uluru/Ayers Rock, Far North Queensland, The Daintree rainforest, Cape York, some History and Flora and Fauna.  To our knowledge there is no other website covering these areas in such photographic detail.

The photos are available for download for educational purposes only,  they cannot legally be used or reproduced for websites or commercial purposes.  Before using  our photos we would require an email request from you telling us what you wish to use the photos for.

On the left hand side of most of the web pages on this web site there are navigation buttons that will take you to main linking pages that have a range of links relating to the button you selected.

The focus is on adventure in the top half of Australia. Tour operators shown on this site have been selected to be advertised here because they provide a professional service within the description of what they cater for and because of good feedback from our clients.

If you have any questions you will find an enquiry form at the bottom of most web pages. Just fill in your details and your questions and usually we will reply very quickly to you.

This web site welcomes your input so if you have had a great time and have some photos to share please email and send them, we will select the best photos and use them with recognition that you sent them to us.

The operators advertised on this site will take you to some of the most interesting places in Australia, from the most visited tropical destinations to some of the most remote regions in Australia, from the Great Barrier Reef to the remote Australian Outback.

We look forward to talking to you and hope you find the web site helpful and informative.