Masa M
Underwater Photographer
Masa is based in Nelson on the top of the south island in New Zealand, he wanted to do a liveaboard trip ex Cairns but wasn't sure who to go with.  Masa emailed a couple of dive companies in Cairns who did not reply to him.  Then he emailed Oz Magic the Web Site.  Masa believes in booking ahead and not leaving things til the last minute.

At present Masa works with a dive company in Nelson who he does underwater photography for.

After communicating by email with Masa we were able to book Masa on the Taka II Coral Sea trip and a trip closer to Cairns with the Ocean Quest.  And the photos he now shares here with you.  Here are some words from Masa.

When I was going to travel to Cairns from New Zealand, honestly, my VISA was going to be expired at that time, so I had to choose somewhere for diving trip. Hahaha.

I knew where I wanted to go diving and that was in CAIRNS.  I have done Scuba diving in Japan, Near Taiwan, Egypt and New Zealand.  But I hadn't dived in OZ. I thought OZ is close to NZ, so felt I could go there any time until then. So I decided to do Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

I'm a member of Nelson Underwater club of NZ.   I'm assisting the instructor as translator and photographer for students. I like to make our students happy with my pictures when they get certified. So I'm giving it to them. When I did Scuba Diving for the first time, I just wanted to share that amazing world with many friends, so I started to take underwater photographs.

I just like to keep that great underwater world for a long time.

If my pictures can make someone interested in diving, I'm satisfied.

Now I'm using underwater camera, made by Olympus, they make high quality camera with a reasonable price and I like their motto to keep a beautiful world like we can see on the beautiful postcards. I agree that.

I like to take pictures but I won't fake a situation I want. That means I'm always taking  pictures that are just natural. I hate when someone damages something from aquatic lives just for making their pictures beautiful.
I hope you can enjoy real beautiful nature with my pictures.
Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Dive Trips
Taka 2, Ocean Quest photos taken by Masa M Underwater Photographer
Oz Magic the Web Site
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Spirit of Freedom
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