Cooktown - Queensland - Australia
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Cooktown is north of Port Douglas and north of The Daintree, a small town nestled in the headwaters of the Endeavour River.  The site of one of Captain Cooks landings in Australia Cook stopped here and beached the Endeavour for repairs after hitting reefs in his voyage.

The Cook Museum is here with artifacts, cannons and the like.  Cooktown is one of those places that you go to just for a look and afterwards you are glad you did.  The town retains the flavour of the real Australia with the main street playing host to quite a few pubs.

You can catch big fish from the Cooktown jetty and the view from the hill overlooking the town is magnificent.

Mysterious Black Mountain is not far from Cooktown, made up of huge black boulders that seem to have been put there it looms over the countryside.  Local Aborigine Legend tells a story of 2 giant brothers who were in love with the same woman, they built the massive pile of boulders to have a fight to win the woman.

Stories of giant pythons that live in the tunnels within the mountain abound, as do tales of people who have gone into those tunnels never to be seen again.

The Lions Den Hotel is not far away either, it is one of those Aussie pubs that you simply must have a beer at.  Walls of tin and a great swimming area at the back of the pub make it a great place to stop and relax for a while.

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Bingal Bay CooktownBingal Bay Cooktown Queensland AustraliaBlack Mountain home to massive pythons and steeped in Aboriginal Legend.Black Mountain is comprised of massive boulders that look like they have been placed there.Black Mountain Cooktown Queensland AustraliaBlack Mountain CooktownCaptain Cook Memorial Cooktown Queensland AustraliaA view over the bush CooktownThe township of Cooktown viewed from the lookoutCooktown Queensland AustraliaCooktown Queensland AustraliView from the lookout in CooktownMonument to Captain Cooks ship the EndeavourEndeavour River Cooktown Queensland AustraliaPark at Cooktown QueenslandEndeavour River Cooktown viewed from the lookoutEndeavour River National Park Cooktown Queensland AustraliaEndeavour River CooktownEndeavour River from Lookout Hill Cooktown QueenslandStrangler Fig Tree Cooktown Queensland AustraliaJames Cook Museum Cooktown Queensland AustraliaCannon at the James Cook Museum Cooktown Queensland Australia
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