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kuranda scenic railway
kuranda scenic railway
Cairns is spelt incorrectly as Cans, Canns, Cannes, Carnes, Kairns, Kans, Ciarns or Karnes
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Half Day Skyrail Kuranda Village
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This morning you can sleep in for awhile before being picked up at 11.45am and transported to the Smithfield Skyrail terminal to board your Gondola for the amazing trip up to Kuranda Village at 12.30pm.

Skyrail (12.30pm) (photos)
As you travel up the mountain you will be just metres above the rainforest canopy and will see, smell and be very close to the lush green tropical rainforest. There are two stops along the 7.5 kilometres cable way you can get off at Red Peak Station and the Barrons falls for a bit of exploring.

Red Peak Station
As you approach Red Peak station your gondola will decend through the different layers of rainforest and you will arrive deep into the rainforest. At the Skyrail Red Peak station you are able to explore the rainforest along a 175 metre boardwalk at ground level. The station is populated by very tall trees, giant ferns and a diversity of plants and wildlife. This is a great opportunity to experience the majesty of the rainforest.

Barron Falls Station
Moving on over the rainforest you will be thrilled looking down into the Barron Gorge, a deep chasm with thick rainforest. A Skyrail attendant will meet your Gondola before you step out onto the Barron Falls mid station. Use the walk ways which will lead you to three separate lookouts allowing you fabulous views of the Barron Gorge and the Barron Falls. The Barron Falls are at their most impressive during the wet season which is December to March each year.

Kuranda Village (free time 1.5 hours)
Back on the Skyrail gondola you will travel on to your final Skyrail destination 7.5 kilometres from where you boarded the Skyrail. Kuranda Village. You have free time to explore this bustling little town that still resonates with an earthy hippy character. Stroll through the Kuranda Markets and use your boarding pass to obtain discounts for any purchase you may make with participating stall holders. Enjoy the laid back atmosphere before going to the Kuranda train station to board the Scenic Railway train for the trip back down through the rainforest to Cairns.

Scenic Railway Tour (3.30pm) (photos)
Have a look around the Kuranda railway station and admire the ferns and plants around this very old station platform. Lovingly cared for the Kuranda station oozes old world charm and character.

The Kuranda Scenic Railway is an amazing journey offering unmatched views of the dense rainforest, steep gorge and ravines and picture perfect waterfalls. Make sure you have your camera handy. You will board the old railway carriages for the 1 hour 45 minute trip from Kuranda to Cairns.

The Kuranda Scenic Railway was built between 1882 and 1891 by hundreds of men and even by todays standards is considered an engineering feat of epic proportions. The 15 hand made tunnels and 37 bridges stand as a monument to the men who lost their lives building it.

After a stop at the Barron Falls station you will travel along the very edge of the Barron Gorge with magnificent views of both the Barron Gorge as well as a different perspective over the landscape back to Cairns. From here you will travel on past picture perfect waterfalls and through tunnels and dense rainforest eventually arriving at Freshwater Station outside of Cairns. From here you will be transported back to your Cairns accommodation at 4.50pm with fabulous photos or video footage of your amazing journey.

Cost per adult = $161.00
Cost per child (4 - 14 years) = $84.00
Cost per family (2 adults 2 children) = $432.00
100% fee on cancellation
No date changes once booked
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