Tobi Dura and Partner
Ayers Rock Photo Review
A selection of photos taken by one of our clients
Oz Magic would like to thank our client Tobi Dura
For kindly sharing the photos of his tour with our clients
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Tobi & Partner
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Ayers Rock with everyone waiting for the sunset.People marvel at the rock at sunset.Ayers Rock appears to change colour as the sun goes downSunset at Ayers RockSunset at UluruPlaque on top of Ayers RockAyers Rock Northern Territory AustraliaViews from the top of Ayers RockView from the top of Ayers rock with the road beneathViews from the top of Ayers RockOn top of Ayers Rock plaquePlaying with shadows on top of UluruViews from the top of Ayers RockTaking in the view after a hard climb to the top of UluruMount Connor, often mistaken for Ayers Rock as you travel along the roadDeadly Brown Snake run over by a vehicleThis snake is deadly if you see a live one leave it aloneBrown Snake killed by a car, best to leave even dead ones alone as they still have venomTobi in the Australian swags supplied by the operatorThorny Devil certainly one of Australia's strangest creaturesAir Conditioned purpose built 4WD tour vehicle with forward facing seats
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