M.V. Reefkist
This 1 Day Outer Great Barrier Reef trip visits reef locations on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef unlike many other Great Barrier Reef one day reef trips that only travel to the inner edge of the Great Barrier Reef.

M.V. Reefkist departs from Fitzroy Island daily. You will be transferred from your Cairns accommodation to Fitzroy Island where you will board your one day outer Great Barrier Reef boat Reefkist.

The Reefkist will visit a reef from a choice of Milln Reef, Briggs Reef, Moore Reef or Thetford Reef. Normally Reefkist will visit two different reef locations per trip.

This Outer Great Barrier Reef day tour offers free snorkelling, introductory scuba diving and certified scuba diving. Snorkel gear is inclusive of price and scuba gear is inclusive when you purchase dives.

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea are also included. You should bring your own towels and any personal requirements such as sun block cream, camera, hat, swimmers, sunglasses for example.

Snorkellers are able to try Scuba diving by booking the trip with one introductory scuba dive.

The Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef coral reefs grow in the warm tropical waters and support a diverse and dense population of marine life. The Great Barrier Reef stretches from above the top of Australia’s Cape York to just off the coast of Bundaberg in the states south. The Great Barrier Reef is home to a massive amount of creatures.
10,000 species of sponge.
400 species of coral. 
4,000 species of molluscs.  
350 species of echinoderms.
4000 species of Molluscs. 
500 Species of seaweed. 
215 Species of birds. 
16 Species of Sea Snake. 
6 Species of Sea Turtle. 

There are 1,5000 species of fish and a wide and varied species of Sharks. 

Professional divers estimate it would take over 1,000 dives just to see the Reefs highlights.

You might swim with giant Turtles, Manta Rays, join a swarming school of Unicorn fish or come face to face with the gentle giant potato cod.  It is up to nature what you will see on your visit to the Outer Great Barrier Reef but there are always bright corals and resident fish so you won’t be disappointed. 

You might even see a few white or black tipped reef shark (they don't bite humans).  You don't need a SCUBA tank to see the Great Barrier Reef.  Snorkelling is the most popular way to enjoy the reef as most things worth seeing are found in the first few metres of water.

1 Day Reef Trip Rates
Snorkeller (snorkel gear included) = $150.00
Snorkeller plus 1 introductory dive = $220.00
Certified Diver with 2 certified dives = $220.00
Outer Great Barrier Reef Dive Trip
Great Barrier Reef One Day Cruise
M.V. Reefkist Cairns
Departing from Cairns daily travelling to the Outer Edge of the
Great Barrier Reef for spectacular scuba diving and snorkelling
travel to the Outer Great Barrier Reef on this budget 1 day reef trip
outer great barrier reef 1 day trip departing from cairns
Cairns is spelt incorrectly as Cans, Canns, Cannes, Carnes, Kairns, Kans, Ciarns or Karnes
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